How Not to Knit Underwater

“First off, why are you in the water? And why are you knitting?”

Okay, so I’m a swimmer in my first year of university and I learned two things this past season:

  1. coach does not accept “i stayed up all night to knit” as an excuse for showing up late to practice
  2. yarn and kickboards do not make good friends.

I guess you could say I’m dedicated to knitting. I make hats for my friends, I’m nine months in to a blanket, and I even have an online Etsy store. But what knitting doesn’t know is that I’m cheating on it with crocheting. Every time I set my needles down, I’m picking up a hook. But does this mean I’m dedicated? or addicted? And what does swimming have to do with it?

You see, when I started swimming, it was a pastime that turned into a hobby, which then turned into a passion. But when a friend of mine handed me a pair of needles and taught me what cast on meant, I knew I would end up spending the next ten  years frogging everything I made. (in case you didn’t know, frogging means to tear apart art, to shred your dreams, or to simply undo a piece of knitted or crocheted work because you made a mistake) And when I found that swimming my life away had to share time with knitting my soul into oblivion, well, lets just say my sleep schedule (and class work, lets be real) got placed on the back burner. But that was high school… and the first two months of my first semester of college.

But the real question is whether or not I’m dedicated to these to hobbies of mine. Or am I just addicted. Studies show (okay, my mother says) that I’m dedicated to my passions, but my passions seem to be more and more similar to that of an addiction. So… am I dedicated to my addictions?

let’s do the math shall we?

I swim early in the morning (when the doctor says I’m allowed to), shower, knit, eat, knit, go to class, study (and knit), go to work (and knit), work out, shower, knit some more, then go to sleep.

okay, looking back on that, I knit way more than I swim, but I work out to better myself for swim. And this is starting to look more and more like an addiction. But honestly I don’t think I need rehab, because, for this addiction, the side effects equate to a healthy body (minus injuries) and a stockpile of yarn (and other fabrics).

And so, to end this wonderful tidbit of my absolutely melodramatic life, I wish all of you, my dear readers, a wonderful week, and please, do not attempt to knit underwater. It’s just painful for everyone involved.



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