going static

i can’t focus, i can’t knit, and i don’t want to swim

hobbies come and go. opportunities have endings. that’s just how life works. but it sucks, lets be honest. when you spend so much time doing something you love, and then wake up one day with no motivation to do it, it’s like getting lost in a part of town you know like the back of your hand. suddenly, that laundromat seems new, and that street corner was never there before.

that’s how knitting is for me right now. i want to make and make and make, but i also can not stand picking up those needles and yarn. casting on is no longer fun, it’s tedious, and i can not make it past ten stitches before i get bored.

so what do i do?

like my favorite Glass Animals song suggests:

be like them, lean back and breathe

instead of knitting, i watch movies i’ve always wanted to see. i go to the botanical gardens and write poetry. i still create, just not with yarn. i just picked up a volunteer job training a horse at the boarding stables down the street. i take pictures of cute things and post them on instagram.

the point is, it’s not the end of the world.

it’s important to remember that hobbies come and go. motivation comes and goes. so don’t let it get you down when you wake up one morning not wanting to knit, or paint. because there’s something else you want to do.

there always is.


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