Picking the right partner in crime

I have a dog. and this dog is needy. Like capital letters, NEEDY. But that’s okay, because I just take him to craft fairs and set up a booth. people pet him, I make sales, it’s a win win. But what happens in between those craft  fairs when I have school and work and sleep? I take him for walks out on the trails, or I’ll sit on the campus green and knit with his head in my lap… or in my face, depends on how much attention he wants. But what is so great about this 60lb ball of fur and love? The fact that he is patient with me, even when he wants me to do something for him.

This dog has sat through my test runs of making doggy booties (shoes… hahaha), which were scrapped as soon as they were on his feet. He has seen me cry over confusing patterns, bury my face in stitch books, and accidentally stab myself (and him) with knitting needles.

But what puts him above all others (human or not)? The fact that his hair gets into everything. That scarf not warm enough? Here, give it to my dog. He’ll lace it with a downy coat of wet dog scented fur, you’ll never be cold again!


Okay, but all dog fun aside. It is seriously important that you find the right partner for your daily life, whether that be a crafters life or not. Que is precious to me, and he’s been there every step of the way. And i just think it’s important for you, dear readers, to find that important person or pet who will be your shelter in the hurricane called life.


have fun!


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