Dilly Dally and a Tomato

okay, yes. this is my fourth post. but i forgot the most important thing! i never properly introduced myself!

my name is Ari, i’m a crafter, a poet, a girlfriend, a (horse)mom, a business owner, and a human being.

but what does all of that mean?

well, for one, it means that i’m busy. all the time. and it means that i have a support system built out of love and affection and skype calls, because what is 300 miles when you have skype and snapchat and a cell phone.

i have a 1500lb beast that lays his head on my shoulder when i’m cleaning his stall, bucks when he’s upset, and nibbles my back pockets or my hands when he wants a carrot.

i answer phone calls all the time, handle money, and teach children how to swim.

and i have human rights that are often challenged.

but what it also means is that i’m just like everyone else. i have niches and favorites and oddities and differences and i am unique.

so hello. my name is Ari Burfine, and i am a human being with a blog!

see you on the flip side!


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