dogs and monsters

well, my dogs are monsters, but that’s beside the point. last wednesday (july 5th), i got in a car accident. completely totaled my car. then i had an interview the next day. and guess what! i got the job!

now what does this mean for me? lemme give you a list:

  1. i can start saving up for a new (old) car. yay!!
  2. i can start saving up for an apartment.
    • this means i can move out of my mom’s house, which is a really toxic environment. if at all possible, i’ll adopt the foster puppy we have, and she will come with me.
  3. i can actually???? be independent???? with my own health benefits
  4. i can start paying off my debt for college so i can go back!

and as for my crafting? well, i bought 60 USD worth of yarn, and am working on a blanket! when will it be finished? good question. will i type up the pattern and post it on here, probably. who will get the blanket? probably my boyfriend. he likes when i make him things.

also! here is my list of goals for this blog:

  1. i want to have a page for free patterns, uploaded once a month
  2. i intend to post a new blog post once a week
    • sometimes it will be an update on my life, sometimes it will be something motivational, it all depends on that week.
  3. i intend to start adding photos to my posts, starting next week.
  4. i intend to feature other people, whether they be bloggers or just friends, for some of my posts. during those weeks, there will be more than one post.

welp. i think that’s all for now.

seeya space cowboy


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