edison and benjamins

okay, so texas heat is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. and it’s not even the worst kind of heat in America! so how do you, as a texas resident with a strict budget, keep your electricity bill low? simple! do these five things on a regular basis!

  1. turn off all of the lights in the house when not in use.
    • use all of the natural light that you can
  2. when you close your blinds, close them so that the slats face up. this will allow natural light into your home, but will also reflect the heat back outside, rather than letting it pool into your home.
    • a bonus, white curtains brighten the room and reflect heat!
  3. keep your thermostat set to 80 degrees F.
    • this one really sucks, but remember that 80 degrees inside the house is way below the heat index, which usually sits at about 100 to 105 degrees F. (37-40 degrees C)
  4. unplug all of your lamps!
  5. open your windows!
    • on days where there is a lot of air movement, opening your windows could mean the difference between a room heavy with heat and a room that’s cooled by natural forces

these tips have been things that my family does every year, and it keeps our bills low! hopefully it keeps yours low too!

stay cool my friends!



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