who is this “ari”

welcome to the abyss.

here you will meet me, Ari, a girlfriend to an amazing guy, who also happens to love what i make for him. (he has no choice really, it’s all made with the intention of him using it, colors be damned)

i’m also a knitter (hence the name). i have a tendency to buy too much yarn and never use it, but that’s okay, because i now have a target for all creations (the afore mentioned boyfriend).

i have four dogs, all of them are monsters, but one will be mine all mine once i officially adopt her.

my boyfriend (he deserves some mentioning outside of craftiness) is a wonderful mixture of tall and handsome, with blue hazel eyes and a knack for making me actually stay on schedule???? like??? how? he also lives about three hundred (300) miles from me, and in the fall of 2018, will be moving to over one thousand (1000) miles away. but we skype often, and him and i plan visits all the time. he may also be featured among some of my blog posts, so just a heads up, because he is super smart and i love him.